Guitar Lessons Fee


Beginners to Grade 4 – 45 minutes/session
Grade 5 and above – 60 minutes/session

Grade Teacher’s Qualification (4 sessions fees)
Grade 8 Diploma & Higher
Teacher’s Home Student’s Home Teacher’s Home Student’s Home
Beginners S$130 S$140 S$150 S$160
Grade 1 S$140 S$150 S$160 S$170
Grade 2 S$150 S$160 S$170 S$180
Grade 3 S$160 S$170 S$180 S$190
Grade 4 S$170 S$180 S$190 S$200
Grade 5 S$190 S$200 S$210 S$220
Grade 6 S$210 S$220 S$230 S$240
Grade 7 S$230 S$240 S$250 S$260
Grade 8 N/A S$270 S$280
DipABRSM / ATCL S$350 S$360
LRSM / FTCL S$370 S$380
FRSM / LTCL S$390 S$400

* Our guitar lesson fees are fixed and nett. We DO NOT charge GST or any hidden fees.