“My son, Dylan was facing difficulties in school due to the lack of concentration. When I decided to sign him up for piano lessons, I noticed a gradual change in him. His studies and results started to improve and he’s able to focus better. At first, I was skeptical about the idea of him learning the piano as he already had troubles in school. However, I’m so thankful that I gave him the opportunity to! I’m so grateful to Awesome Piano Lessons for providing me with such a reliable piano instructor.”

Testimonial from Mrs Koh


“My daughter, Trinity, loves music. When I decided to sign her up for piano lessons, she was elated. Unfortunately, I faced a couple of problems with previous agencies due to the lack of commitment from the instructors or they were simply unreliable. There was one stage where my daughter didn’t have the urge to learn any further due to the frequent change in instructor. I decided to give it one last shot and approached Awesome Piano Lessons. Thankfully, everything managed to work out well and my daughter is so happy with her current instructor, who has been with her for months! I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards Awesome Piano Lessons for providing such impeccable standards.”

Testimonial from Mr Wong


“I’ve always wanted to try piano out since young, so when I had the chance, I jumped straight at it. I’m not going to lie, it was quite difficult for me at the start. Gradually, with the help of my friendly instructor, I was able to learn the concepts. Now, I can finally play a full song without the help from my instructor. Thank you Awesome Piano Lessons!”

Testimonial from Ms Joanna Ho


“Music has always been a part of me. I can’t imagine not listening to music, especially during long journeys. I realised that since I have such a love for music, maybe I should learn to play an instrument. I came across Awesome Piano Lessons’s website and told myself why not give it a try? I’m extremely satisfied from the customer service to the arrangements to the instructor. I would like to say thank you for your help and I’ll definitely refer anyone who are interested in learning piano to your company.”

Testimonial from Mr Md Zulhilmi


“When I first decided to take up piano lessons, I wasn’t looking for something that was long term. I came across the Intensive Piano Lessons on Awesome Piano Lessons and found it quite interesting and affordable. I felt that it was exactly what I was looking for, which is to be able to play pop songs in a few months. I signed up and I’m really delighted that I did! The trainer they referred to me was really knowledgeable and professional. It’s been slightly more than half a year already and I’m still looking forward to learn more! I’m so lucky to have come across your website! Who ever knew that I would have continued for such a long period!”

Testimonial from Ms Angeline Foo


“Being a Poly student, I felt that it was a little bit too late to learn the piano. I do know how to play the guitar, but I’ve always wanted to learn the piano. I decided to give it a try during my long holidays. Thanks to Awesome Piano Lessons, I managed to play pop songs within 2 short months! I have absolutely zero regrets about signing up!”

Testimonial from David Ang