Intensive Piano Lessons

intensive piano class

Having A Piano Song To Learn In A Short Period?

Always wanted to learn how to play pop music on the piano? Ever thought of being able to play songs from Katy Perry and Lady Gaga? Want to impress your friends or improve your skills? Well, now you can! With our intensive piano lessons, you can pick up various pop songs within just a few months! Now that’s what we call a crash course!

Why intensive piano lessons? Perhaps you’re looking for something to do during your holidays? Maybe your work schedule isn’t as tight compared to the past few months? Intensive piano lessons allows you to attain a skill effectively and efficiently over a short period of time. If you have the intention of playing pop songs within a couple of months, then this is the perfect option for you!


A crash course to teach you how to play pop songs on the piano.


For any children or adults who wish to learn 2 to 3 times per week and over a short period of a few months.


You get to choose your preferred day and time slot.


If you have a piano at home, it can be held at the comfort of your home.

Rates For Piano Lessons


*Based on per month (4 Lessons)


Choose Your Teacher's Qualification Level


Teachers' Level
Junior:New teachers with less than 3 years of experience, suitable for students learning pop piano or for leisure purposes
Grade 8:Teachers with a minimum ABRSM/Trinity Grade 8 practical certificate and/or at least 3 years of experience, suitable for students pursuing classical piano or the graded route
DipABRSM / ATCL:Teachers with a minimum DipABRSM/ATCL practical certificate and at least 3 years of experience, suitable for students intending to commit on a long-term basis
LRSM / LTCL / Degree & Higher:Teachers with a LRSM/LTCL/Degree in Music or higher, suitable for students aspiring to be a pianist/teacher themselves in future



Beginners to Grade 4 - 45 minutes/session Grade 5 and above - 60 minutes/session

Junior Teacher
GradeJunior Teacher
Teacher's HomeStudent's Home
Grade 1S$160S$170
Grade 2S$170S$180
Grade 3S$180S$190
Grade 4S$190S$200
Grade 5S$210S$220
Grade 6S$230S$240
Grade 7NANA
Grade 8NANA
Diploma Teacher
GradeDipABRSM / ATCL Teacher
Teacher's HomeStudent's Home
Grade 1S$200S$210
Grade 2S$210S$220
Grade 3S$220S$230
Grade 4S$230S$240
Grade 5S$250S$260
Grade 6S$270S$280
Grade 7S$290S$300
Grade 8S$310S$320
Grade 8 Teacher
GradeGrade 8 Teacher
Teacher's HomeStudent's Home
Grade 1S$180S$190
Grade 2S$190S$200
Grade 3S$200S$210
Grade 4S$210S$220
Grade 5S$230S$240
Grade 6S$250S$260
Grade 7S$270S$280
Grade 8NANA
Degree Teacher
GradeLRSM / LTCL / Degree & Above Teacher
Teacher's HomeStudent's Home
Grade 1S$220S$230
Grade 2S$230S$240
Grade 3S$240S$250
Grade 4S$250S$260
Grade 5S$270S$280
Grade 6S$290S$300
Grade 7S$310S$320
Grade 8S$330S$340
DipABRSM / ATCLS$380S$390
LRSM / FTCLS$400S$410
FRSM / LTCLS$420S$430

* Our piano lesson fees are fixed and nett. We DO NOT charge GST or any hidden fees.


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Why should you have piano lessons with us?

Qualified piano teacher (both English and Chinese-speaking available) guaranteed!
Private lesson customized to suit your needs (graded exams, leisure, pop, classical, specific songs).
Lesson at your preferred timing and location.
Offers free matching service with No Hidden Cost, No GST.
Training for graded examination.


No Piano? No Worries!

With cheap piano rental scheme available, you can rent a quality piano at SGD60/mth only! Just let us know that you need a piano when you register piano lessons with us.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our piano teachers have achieved at least a Grade 8 level in practical from ABRSM or Trinity College. They are professional and experience in piano lessons.

Limited Slots Only

Due to high volume of enquiries, our piano lessons slots are available on first come first serve basis. Kindly book your slot early to avoid disappointment.

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