Rates For Piano Lessons


*Based on per month (4 Lessons)


Choose Your Teacher's Qualification Level


Teachers' Level
Junior:New teachers with less than 3 years of experience, suitable for students learning pop piano or for leisure purposes
Grade 8:Teachers with a minimum ABRSM/Trinity Grade 8 practical certificate and/or at least 3 years of experience, suitable for students pursuing classical piano or the graded route
DipABRSM / ATCL:Teachers with a minimum DipABRSM/ATCL practical certificate and at least 3 years of experience, suitable for students intending to commit on a long-term basis
LRSM / LTCL / Degree & Higher:Teachers with a LRSM/LTCL/Degree in Music or higher, suitable for students aspiring to be a pianist/teacher themselves in future



Beginners to Grade 4 - 45 minutes/session Grade 5 and above - 60 minutes/session

Junior Teacher
GradeJunior Teacher
Teacher's HomeStudent's Home
Grade 1S$160S$170
Grade 2S$170S$180
Grade 3S$180S$190
Grade 4S$190S$200
Grade 5S$210S$220
Grade 6S$230S$240
Grade 7NANA
Grade 8NANA
Diploma Teacher
GradeDipABRSM / ATCL Teacher
Teacher's HomeStudent's Home
Grade 1S$200S$210
Grade 2S$210S$220
Grade 3S$220S$230
Grade 4S$230S$240
Grade 5S$250S$260
Grade 6S$270S$280
Grade 7S$290S$300
Grade 8S$310S$320
Grade 8 Teacher
GradeGrade 8 Teacher
Teacher's HomeStudent's Home
Grade 1S$180S$190
Grade 2S$190S$200
Grade 3S$200S$210
Grade 4S$210S$220
Grade 5S$230S$240
Grade 6S$250S$260
Grade 7S$270S$280
Grade 8NANA
Degree Teacher
GradeLRSM / LTCL / Degree & Above Teacher
Teacher's HomeStudent's Home
Grade 1S$220S$230
Grade 2S$230S$240
Grade 3S$240S$250
Grade 4S$250S$260
Grade 5S$270S$280
Grade 6S$290S$300
Grade 7S$310S$320
Grade 8S$330S$340
DipABRSM / ATCLS$380S$390
LRSM / FTCLS$400S$410
FRSM / LTCLS$420S$430

* Our piano lesson fees are fixed and nett. We DO NOT charge GST or any hidden fees.


Are Piano Lessons Worth Investing In?

The prices stated above are subject to change without prior notice. There are people who are uncertain if the amount they pay for the lessons will be worth it. They feel that it is a huge investment on their part and are uncertain about the returns it will offer. We do understand where they are coming, hence, here are some reasons as to why piano lessons are a good investment.

A Lifetime Skill

A good investment is something you can keep with you for the rest of your life. By having piano lessons, you’ll be able to learn the correct concepts and techniques of playing the piano. Upon attaining the skill, you’ll be able to keep it with you for the rest of your life. According to popular belief, many people feel that if you stop playing for some time, you will forget everything and have to start all over from the very basic. This is untrue, as once you’ve learnt such a skill, it will stay with you at the back of your head. Yes, it might take you longer to remember the keys and such, but you’ll definitely won’t have to start from scratch all over again.

Unleashes Your Potential

Piano lessons help to work your left brain more. By doing so, it frees your mind into a creativity state, where you will become more innovative. A good investment is not just something that gives you good returns, it also allows you to learn and grow as an individual. By picking up piano lessons and being consistent in your practice, you’ll soon realise that you are able to think better outside the box. This makes you become more efficient and productive in the things you set yourself to do. Hence, you’ll not just be attaining a skill, you will also be growing to become a better person and worker by unleashing your true potential.

Boost Your Focus and Confidence

As mentioned above, a good investment should provide you with good returns. Learning to play the piano is not an easy task. It requires you to have good concentration and perseverance. It is definitely not something that you can pick up overnight. Hence, you will need the focus to stay concentrated on learning to play the piano. However, once you are capable of playing a tune, you will definitely feel accomplished. This will in turn, boost your self esteem and confidence. With better focus and confidence, you will be able to accomplish greater things, not just musically, but in your life as well. The best returns in life comes when you are able to develop into a better person.

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