Brendon is a passionate pianist and educator who has been teaching since 2021. His mission is to inspire and educate students of all ages and skill levels while fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment. He continuously improves his teaching methods by collaborating with experienced educators and staying updated on the latest research.

Brendon adapts his lessons to individual needs and goals, tracking progress meticulously to ensure each student’s development and success. Providing constructive feedback and support, he helps students to overcome challenges and build confidence in their musical abilities.

His goal is to instil a lifelong love for music in his students while equipping them with the technical skills needed to excel as pianists. As a mentor and role model, Brendon is dedicated to guiding students towards their musical aspirations and beyond.

Teaching Areas:
✅ Home Based – Hougang Ave 7
✅ Travel

Genre Taught:
✅ Classical
✅ Graded
❌ Jazz
✅ Pop