Charmaine has taught students ranging from 3 to 6 years old, some whom have a short concentration span. She managed to increase their attention span by using a variety of methods. To begin with, she will speak to them individually at eye-level in a gentle tone and give them stickers. Such methods have made most of her students more cooperative. Then, Charmaine would paste letter stickers on the piano keys to help students identify the positions of the notes easily.

From her experience, being a piano teacher can be tremendously rewarding and fulfilling. As the saying goes, “Teaching begins in the heart of a passionate educator”. The art of guiding a student on a journey is one that comes naturally to some, but can certainly be learned by others who have the right skills.

Teaching Areas:
❌ Home Based
✅ Travel

Genre Taught:
✅ Classical
✅ Graded
❌ Jazz
❌ Pop