Jen embarked her teaching journey in 2012 as a teacher in a music school. She enjoys making music and has been actively involved in music performances. During University days, she was the keyboardist for her hall band and one of the music composers for her hall concert. Few years later, Jen left her 9-5 corporate job and started working as a piano teacher. She decided to improve herself by taking advance diplomas in teaching and performance so that she can help her students better.

Well-known with her bubbly and cheerful character, Jen enjoys teaching and focus on building a strong music foundation. Notes-reading, rhythm, technique and listening skills are all fundamentals of learning to play the piano. She believes that different children have different learning capabilities and there is no one-style-fit-all learning plan. She plans her lessons carefully to cater for different individuals.

Jen also prepares her students for ABRSM exams. For the past years, she has taught more than 100 students and attained a 100% passing rate.

Teaching Areas:
✅ Home Based – Woodlands St 14
✅ Travel

Genre Taught:
✅ Classical
✅ Graded
❌ Jazz
❌ Pop