Music is Maurice’s passion and it is a joy when he is able to nurture the appreciation and sensitivity of music in others. He began his journey in music as an adult beginner and obtained ABRSM Grade 8 with distinction in just one and a half years of committed learning and practice.

Having had this experience, Maurice has specialised himself into intelligently and effectively teaching youths and adult beginners to be able to progress at an accelerated pace. In his teaching, he takes emphasis in simplifying musical concepts and breaking down the complexities of piano technique into bite size bits, which serve as enablers to facilitate the creation of a positive learning cycle through the students development of competencies and confidence. With the employment of an effective practice routine that Maurice has developed over the years, many of his beginner students have been able to start playing the pieces they like after just a few lessons.

Teaching music through pieces that his students are enthusiastic about is quintessential to Maurice’s approach as he has found this to be an effective way to maintain their interest that has often been spoiled by rigid and strict methodologies. Through this, the lessons remain student-centric and always has a higher chance of being a good and lasting match.

Teaching Areas:
✅ Home Based – Haig Road
✅ Travel

Genre Taught:
✅ Classical
✅ Graded
❌ Jazz
✅ Pop