Shou Jin has been playing the piano since 3, and has continued to do so all through the Music Elective Programme (MEP) in secondary school to taking music as a subject in A Levels. She has had the opportunity to perform in various school performances and in public spaces, before she proceeded to study music in Royal Holloway, University of London for her degree.

Upon Shou Jin’s graduation, she became a secondary school music teacher and has been since 2015. She has also been teaching in keyboard workshops for adults for a year. The joy she experienced in playing music became a joy in spreading the love of piano performance to others.

As a teacher, Shou Jin is patient yet firm, and encouraging to her students. She believes that anyone can learn and perform it as long as they are motivated and guided strongly along the way. She is able to assess the needs of the students to determine the practice they need to perfect their art. At the same time, she is also able to scaffold the learning process in order for the students to achieve little successes along the way to build their intrinsic motivation for learning.

Teaching Areas:
✅ Home Based – Serenade Walk
❌ Travel

Genre Taught:
✅ Classical
✅ Graded
❌ Jazz
❌ Pop