Vivian has been teaching the piano since 2016 and has also prepared students for theory exams (Grades 3-5) with a 100% distinction rate. Over the years. through teaching a diverse pool of students of various grades and ages, she has learnt to cater her teaching syllabus to each student’s learning styles and interests. However, what remains unchanged is Vivian’s commitment to her students’ learning and development, and also developing them musically and technically in having strong theory and piano foundations. She also aims to expose her students to a wide repertoire of music catering to their interests as she thinks it’s beneficial to their musical development and in growing music appreciation.

Apart from being a piano teacher, Vivian is an active violist player since 13 years old and was from the Music Elective Program (MEP) In Secondary school. She has performed in string and full orchestra, chamber music and orchestra concerts as well as other local music festivals. She has worked with established composers with wider music perspectives and exposure.

Teaching Areas:
❌ Home Based
✅ Travel

Genre Taught:
✅ Classical
✅ Graded
❌ Jazz
❌ Pop