What to Expect from Our Piano Lessons?

How Long Will Each Lesson Be?

This can vary depending on the agreement between teacher and student. However, for students of grade 4 and below, lessons are typically 45 minutes. As for students above grade 4, lessons are usually an hour.

What Will Each Lesson Offer?

Every lesson is designed to have a mixture of theory and practical. This include learning to read musical notation, learning the appropriate piano techniques and learning about music theory. Apart from these, if the teacher deems it necessary to include additional topics or learning methods, they will include them in their teaching. For beginners, it is also normal for the teacher to teach you by following a guidebook. These books tend to include the very basics of piano in proper sequence to enhance your learning.

How Often Do I Need To Practice On My Own?

Practice makes perfect. Therefore, you should cultivate a good learning habit by constantly practicing between lessons. The amount of time spent of practicing can vary depending on the difficulty level and what you personally hope to accomplish. For beginner students, it is typical for you to practice between 20 to 30 minutes every day.

Would I Need To Have My Own Piano?

Yes! If you haven’t purchased a piano as you aren’t quite sure if it is worth investing in, then you should try our rental option. It is definitely crucial for you to have a piano which you can practice on daily. Without the proper practice, you won’t be able to grow as a pianist.

How Many Lessons Will It Take Before I Can Play The Piano Properly?

As everyone differs in their learning ability and capability, we can only provide you with a rough guideline. Most piano students typically are able to play elementary songs with a basic melody, along with 2 to 3 other notes sounding simultaneously within their first year of piano lessons. Usually, taking only two or three piano lessons won’t help much. Although we can’t guarantee that you will be able to play the piano properly¬†within a year, we can guarantee that with the help of a reliable teacher along with constant hard work, you will be able to play the piano on your own in no time.