Purchasing a piano isn’t cheap. The truth is that beginners are usually surprised with the price tag of a piano. Not many are willing to fork out such a huge lump sum as they are concerned that it might end up being a white elephant in the house. This has caused numerous individuals to go for a cheaper alternative, which they are able to find in a digital piano. The difference is that a digital piano doesn’t have the entire standard keys that an acoustic piano has.

In an acoustic piano, the key will trigger the movement of the piano and the sound it produces. To put it simply, the whole instrument is involved and makes you, as a player, to be a part of it. “Your fingers connect to the vibration. You can feel the music going right through your fingers,” stated Kenny Rockey, a piano turner, mover and player in Pictou County. In his opinion, there is nothing that can replace an acoustic piano. Unfortunately, over the period he has worked on them, he has realised that these pianos are getting much older. The majority of them are between 70 and 100 years old on average. There are some that still sound great while others are well beyond their years.

Just last year, only a total of 41,000 acoustic pianos were sold in America even though there was an increase in the population. This figure was nowhere near the 365,000 that were sold in 1910 when acoustic pianos were at its peak. So where did the missing figures go to? Well, a total of 120,000 digital pianos and 1.1 million keyboards were sold last year. As you can see, with the invention of digital pianos and keyboards, the acoustic pianos are being affected and cannibalised. This is because of the low cost, portability and convenience. Furthermore, no tuning is required. In some music shops such as H&R Music in New Glasgow, they don’t even carry in anymore acoustic pianos. They only focus their sales on keyboards and digital pianos due to the demand. For the full article, do check it out over here.

At Awesome Piano, we definitely recommend our students to purchase an acoustic piano if it is within their budget. This is the traditional way of learning to play, so you can’t go wrong with it. For students who are concern over the price of an acoustic piano, we would suggest giving our Piano Rental a try. At any point if you decide to keep it, you will only be required to pay the outstanding fee after deduction of the rental fee.