Did you know that the soothing sounds produced by a piano or any other musical instrument is capable of relieving stress?

“You feel a rush. When you play sports, you run and get your emotions out. Music is the same way,” stated Alexis True, a junior music major and tuba player. According to a study conducted from 2008 to 2009 by Barry Bittman, a neurologist and researcher, music therapy has been proven to relieve stress.

Our daily lives are filled with constant stress. We are faced with stressful situations such as meeting our datelines, achieving good results, getting a promotion at work and sometimes even, being concern over a love one’s health condition. However, with music influence in your life, you’ll be able to ease your mind and relieve yourself from all the tension. “The act of playing music regulates breathing. It takes distractions away from the worry…Music focuses your attention and calms you down, so you aren’t so agitated,” said Rebecca Cameron, an associate psychology professor.

The truth is that when someone picks up a musical instrument and start to play it, they are immersed into a world of their own, where it is peaceful and serene. Obviously, every individual has their own taste in music, so not everyone will be agreeable to the same style of music. For those who aren’t able to play a musical instrument, singing works just fine too. “Generally, even when you’re having a bad day, you can use (an instrument or singing) to express emotion. You can speak from the heart. For instance, when my grandma passed away several years ago and I was at Sac State, I could put what I felt into music,” said Jennifer Gapasin who is a senior music major.

However, one has to be careful too in the sense that in certain scenarios, music can increase stress instead of decreasing it. “I know musicians performing in big shows or operas do face stress. Singers who want to become professional singers need to pass (what is keeping them from not achieving what they are capable of). I feel the saddest for those who have stage fright,” said Claudia Kitka who is a music professor.

Overall, music has the ability to work both ways. However, most of the time if you are doing it as a form of leisure, it is able to provide you with happiness as well as a positive feeling. Here at Awesome Piano, we have helped many students so far in experiencing the joy of music through their very own hands. It gives them a sense of achievement and also an option to get away from the daily stress. Now, we would like you to experience the same joy that they have. All you have to do is to visit our website for more information!