Denis Namocatcat wanted to share his love for music to others. That’s the reason why became a piano teacher. He wanted others to experience the joy that he had experienced by playing the piano. When he first started teaching, he was a private tutor who went over to his client’s place. However, in 2004, he decided to establish his own school known as the Cebu Music Learning Center. With the help from his wife, they manage to day to day operation of the business.

At the initial stages, the learning center was set up in a rented condominium room in Cebu City, where they only offered piano lessons. Back then, they only had three part-time teachers to assist them. Today, they have their own learning center in V. Rama Avenue, Guadalupe, Cebu City, where they offer various types of music lessons apart from piano. This include voice, guitar, violin, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet lessons that are being taught by ten different teachers. Initially, the school was only peaked during vacations or during summer. Now, they cater to over a hundred students every month.

“For most of my teachers, they’re more into it because they love to teach young students their art and the money part is only a fraction of the reason to teach. We always listen to what they (customers) want. If we see that there are many who like to learn to play drums then we offer them lessons,” said Denis.

This year alone, there has been a rise in popularity for the ukulele in the Philippines.

“We’ve seen Jason Mraz using ukulele in his music and people are beginning to see it as an instrument of interest so we are also offering that,” stated Denis.

Denis also mentioned that summer is the peak period of the year as that is when more students start enrolling in and returning students also come back for more lessons. Apart from the summer period, the other months are usually not as hectic. Denis also mentioned that although Filipinos are passionate about music, not many will spend money to learn it formally unlike other Asian countries.

“Unlike in other countries like Singapore, learning music here is a luxury. To most of us it’s just an option and will depend if we can afford it. In Singapore and other Asian countries however, music is considered a ‘plus’ factor for them. Schools there are serious about music and they consider it a must learn,” said Denis.

Denis’s next step is to bring in musical instruments and accessories to sell to their students. He feels that there is a market here and by always referring his students to other shops, he is losing out. For the full story, you can check it out HERE.

In Singapore, it is definitely not a ‘MUST’ to learn to play a musical instrument. It is more about one’s interest and how passionate they are. There are many self-taught musicians in Singapore too. We do have more students enrolling into classes here compared to the Philippines. However, we have to take into consideration the standard of living, wealth of the people and definitely the affordability. There are more students here who enroll into classes because it is affordable for the people, not because everyone is rich. If playing the piano is your interest, check out Awesome Piano’s affordable rates today!