Age is usually a factor whenever parents think about signing up their child to learn a new musical instrument. Even when it is the child’s suggestion to learn it, sometimes parents can be rather reluctant to agree. So is three years old too young an age to begin learning the piano? Will it push the child to the point where they get burned out and lose their interest in learning?

Firstly, parents need to be aware that learning a new musical instrument is like picking up a new language. It is definitely wiser to start off when your child is in preschool rather than when they are older. This is because their ability to learn at a younger age is far easier than when they get older. It is beneficial for any child who is able to play any musical instrument as it breeds creativity and increases personal satisfaction. However, if a child is being forced by a parent or teacher to learn a musical instrument, then the reverse effect might occur instead. If any child feels pressured into learning something, the probability of them losing interest will be higher and faster. Hence, if you do decide to let your child learn to play the piano, it has to be at their own natural desire and pace.

Secondly, parents have to be more open to the idea of giving their child the opportunity to try things out for themselves. Yes, sometimes there might even be a high cost involve, but we are pretty certain that every parent only wants the best for their child. Furthermore, there are other ways to help you save money. For example, you do not necessarily need to buy a piano from the very start. You can give your child some time to try it out first by sending them to a studio or the teacher’s place to learn. Alternatively, you may also choose to Rent A Piano if you do notice progress and the need for more practice. There are such things known as hidden talents. Therefore, if you do not give your child the chance to even try, the hidden talent that they might possess will only continue to be hidden.

At Awesome Piano, we believe that maintaining the interest of our students is one of the key factors in their performance and progress. Hence, if you are looking for Piano Lessons in Singapore, you can be sure to count on us to find a suitable and certified piano teacher!