All of us are aware of how the Internet is capable of messing with our minds. We all know that not everything we see online is truly what it is in real life. This was also the reason why many people had doubts about Tsung Tsung when videos were first being uploaded onto YouTube. In fact, there were even conspiracy theorists about all his videos on YouTube. However, when the 5-year-old made his U.S. television debut live on The Ellen Show, he managed to shut down all of the conspiracy theorists.


The Internet sensation’s performance of the fast-paced Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov composition, “Flight Of The Bumblebee”, left the audience on The Ellen Show in awe. Experiencing it live is way difference from watching it on YouTube, that’s for sure. However, there are quite a number of notable differences between his live performance and viral YouTube video that introduced him to the rest of the world.

Firstly, if you have seen his video, you would notice that he was less smiley than when we all first saw him. In his live debut, he looked rather serious. Aside from that, he was wearing a white tuxedo instead of his usual pajamas. However, despite the differences, there was one thing that never changed and that was his dramatic movements. It was seen throughout his piano performance. At the end of it, he even had something new whipped out. He threw his arms up “like a gymnast after a golden Olympic performance” and finished it off with a bow. For the full story, you can read it here. Also, if you have yet to see his YouTube video that has gone viral, be sure to check it out by clicking here.

There are many of us who are much older than him, but we still aren’t able to perform to the same standard as him. This goes to show that age doesn’t determine how well one can play the piano. It also tells us that if someone like Tsung Tsung, who is merely 5 years old, is able to play the piano, then the rest of us surely can pick up at least the very basics. At Awesome Piano, we offer Piano Lessons For Kids as well as Piano Lessons For Adults. If you have that desire to learn, then you have to take that very first step. We would love to be the one to assist you in your journey.