Just yesterday, an extensive new iPhone application was made available online in the iTunes App Store. The launch of the new app also coincides with the celebration of Fredyryk Chopin’s birthday. Now fans of Chopin will be able to access and enjoy his works both at home as well as on the move.

If you are one of the many fans of the 19th century Polish-French pianist and composer, Chopin, you might want to consider giving yourself a treat this weekend. ‘Chopin In Your Pocket’, which is the name of the app, will be starting off at a low, celebratory price of US$0.99. This iOS7 optimized collection contains a total of 50 tracks, which are performed by internationally renowned pianists. There also has been promises made to add on new materials ranging from old favorites and material from Chopin’s rarely performed repertory. This includes three chamber works and his 19 songs. At the moment, the plan is to add new rich and captivating titles to the collection on a weekly basis for at least the next three years. The ultimate aim is to open up the mesmerizing world of Chopin’s preludes, etudes, nocturnes, mazurkas, scherzi, ballades, polonaises and piano concerti to more listeners out there.

Chopin In Your Pocket was developed as a fully loaded companion to the already popular and free Chopin Project Lite App. The latter contains a rather limited selection of compositions that varies from week to week. On the other hand, Chopin In Your Pocket, which is also officially catalogued as Chopin Project 2, provides users with a much more extensive repertoire to enjoy. The app was produced by Frederick Slutsky, who is also the visionary behind The Chopin Project website,  a global community sharing information, educational, audio and video resources that revolves around the great composer’s works.

“We are not releasing this App to become rich as should be apparent from our pricing. We simply want as many people as possible around the world to explore and savor the genius of Fryderyk Chopin. We already have an extensive discography of exclusive, exceptionally high quality audio recordings within The Chopin Project® listening library, all produced at Patrych Sound Studios in New York, and are we’re doing what’s necessary to make the entire Chopin repertory available to everyone as inexpensively as possible,” explained Frederick. For the rest of the story, you can read it here.

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