Daley Jackson may be born deaf, but that has not deter her from learning to play the piano and sharing her music with others. “I’m very lucky to be able to play the piano and be deaf at the same time,” Jackson said.

It’s not an easy task learning to play a musical instrument. Imagine having to do that without being able to hear yourself. There are many people who would believe this is an impossible task, but Daley wasn’t one of them. With the help of hearing aids and assistance from a very patient piano teacher, she has managed to play the piano for the past seven years. “It was really an experiment for both of us to see if she would do anything with it,” Becky Tafel, her piano teacher said. “To get any information from me, she had to pay extra close attention to my lips.”

The trick behind their success wasn’t on how Daley’s playing sounded, but more on focusing on the mechanics of playing the piano. “It takes me a while to read the notes of a new song, but I know I’ll get it,” Daley said. “It takes time.” This is the motivation and determination she has to accomplish what she has set out to do. With her hard work and endurance, it finally paid off when she was selected to perform in an arts festival. Furthermore, this festival is one that captures the attention of nations and Daley will definitely not go unnoticed. “I was pretty shocked that I got it,” Daley said. “It’s amazing.” You can view the full article from here.

Daley may not be able to hear normally like others, but she still makes the best of what she can. With her perseverance and extra effort put in, she has managed to overcome the odds to not only learn how to play the piano, but to play it effortlessly. This is one pianist that truly deserves the recognition for her efforts. If she is able to achieve such levels of profession, anybody who is able to hear should be able to as well. Ultimately, they have to believe in their abilities and put their best foot forward.

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