A number of local Indy artists in Indianapolis, United States have been joining forces with thirty 6th to 8th graders through the Women’s Fund of Central Indiana’s new project, entitled Go Ahead & Play. The goal of the project is to bring music and visual art into awareness for the Indy metro community. The props they used included twenty pianos that were being donated as well as a list of unusual art mediums. These decorative pianos are lined up throughout Indianapolis and Carmel from now till 18th August.

Perhaps one of the most unique pianos of the entire bunch is the “Tickled Pink, Tickling the Ivories” piano, which is located on Monument Circle. Annette Marino, a knitting pro who goes by the alias Stockannette, along with the Yarnburners, a group of fourteen serious knitters and crocheters from all over Indiana, came together to create the “piano sweater” after they heard about the Women’s Fund’s efforts. Their final “yarnbombed” product, which consisted of intricately stitched patches including that of musical notes and treble clefs, was rolled out onto the Circle on the first of this month. It joined the brightly painted “Out Loud in the City” piano and the foot-print-covered “Stroll” piano to be on display for the public to view.

Stockannette, who found a good spot near her piano on August 2 to watch people interact with it, mentioned that they seem to be uncertain initially if they were actually allowed to even touch it. However, the citizens on the Circle have since then taken a liking to the dolled-up instrument, which is one of several located in the downtown area. “They see someone play a tune, they come in for a closer look, and play a little something themselves,” she stated.

In fact, the reaction given from the youngsters was most heartwarming. During the debut of all the pianos in one place, prior to their public roll out, a young toddler thanked Stockannette by saying, “Thank you for making this pretty piano.” As of now, the young Hoosier’s response to the Yarnburners’ masterpiece serves as a form of hope for those who are afraid that both music and the arts in general, are fading away from our community. For the full story, you can refer here.

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