Sam Tuyizere, who also goes by the name of Sam Ryan, is the young owner of Beats Records located in Nyamirambo, Rwanda. The 26-year-old also manages the audio production at Buddies Records. His passion for music actually goes all the way back to his childhood. As both of his parents are pastors, Sam grew up in church. At the same time, his family were a major influence in his music career.

Currently, he is pursuing management studies. Initially Sam had the idea of becoming a musician. However, he ended up choosing music production instead due to his love for musical instruments. For Sam, his inspiration for music production came from both David Guetta and Dr Dre. He mentioned that he admires them due to their style of music. In 2006, his journey in music production begun at Amnet Records with producer Emile Mbayeho. “I loved music and computers that’s when I landed on this software called FLstudio for mixing beats. So when I reached Ament I had some little knowledge about production and they taught me a lot of stuff about FL and Logic soft wares used in music production,” he said.

Despite working at Emile’s studio, Sam still continued playing the piano in church till 2010. After that, he moved to Kampala and did a performance over at Rubaga and Kasanga Miracle Centre churches for about a year. “The music production in Uganda was booming compared to that in Rwanda. Producer Godie taught me how to use logic 8 and also change from PC to imac,” he stated. From there, he went on to Nairobi and become a part of the Tusker Project Fame, where he played the piano in both season three and four. It was there where he met producer Robert Kamanzi, who taught him more on logic 8 and 9 as well as methods to master a song. After Sam was done in Kenya, he went back home to raise some funds and start his own studio, Future Records, with his brother.

It was only this year that they decided to go on their separate ways and pursue their own music careers. “It was a little tough for both of us because I wanted to do something unique for my clients so I started working on a new beat by combining both modern and traditional beats to get a new rhythm and also bring out the Rwandan culture,” Sam explained. For more of the story, you can read it here.

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