Every year, there will always be new learners taking up instruments for the first time. Last year was in no other way different. According to Instrumentally, a music education specialist, the most popular musical instrument to be learn in 2013 was none other than the piano.

The Ascot-based firm, which offers a variety of music education over a wide range of instruments, recently published their top ten list of the most popular musical instruments to learn in 2013. The list was based on an analysis of 2,300 hours of teaching duration as of December 1st 2012 all the way till November 30th 2013. Just like in 2012, piano continued to retain the top spot.

Aside from piano remaining at the very top, there is also a rather steep incline in the number of people signing up for vocal lessons. In fact, singing managed to overtake guitar lessons to take up the second spot for the year 2013. Singing also accounted for 15 per cent of all lessons taught in 2013. This could be due to several reasons. Firstly, singing does not really require any instrument so there isn’t so much of financial commitments involved. Aside from this reason, another reason could be because of television talent shows such as The Voice and X Factor. Such shows has the ability to boost the aspiration value of singing as well as motivate inspiring artists to reach out to their dreams. For the remaining top ten list, you can refer over here for the full list.

Despite being a rather big and bulky instrument, the piano is still consistently attracting in new learners year by year. What is the reason for this such phenomenon? There is definitely no scientific reason. However, a logical one would be because of the sound it is capable of producing. Apart from that, the piano is simply able to fit into almost any genres of music out there. In a way, learning the piano would also require one to invest time into the music theory portion as well. This music theory is relatively similar in other musical instruments as well. Essentially, one would be “killing two birds with one stone” by learning to play the piano.

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