What do you get when you put Olympian and Pianist together? Olympianist. That’s what Anthony Hewitt claims himself to be. His interpretation of the word is simply, a pianist who undertakes an event that is of Olympian proportions. What does Anthony do exactly? Well, he cycles in his van, which houses a piano, to isolated communities and perform outdoors, so that he can bring music to the less fortunate.  “I want to bring music to those in isolated communities who otherwise have little opportunity to experience it, so I am bringing my own piano in a van on which I can perform in market squares and outdoor locations,” said Anthony.

So far, he has been performing around the world for more than twenty years. Apart from playing the piano, his other passions include sport and travel. In fact, cycling is one of his favourite sports. Whenever he has available time, he enjoys cycling to the countryside as well as competing in Olympic style triathlethon along with his brother. It was during his triathelthon training session that he thought of ideas where he could combine both his passion for playing the piano and cycling together. That is how his idea of cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats and playing a recital at the end of each day came about. This would be a concert tour like no other. The best part of it all is that during his tour, he will be raising funds for his favourite charity organisations with the aid of Classic FM Foundation.

“I constantly seek to better both my musical and sporting performances. I also want to set an example to others, to capture the imagination of children and inspire them to excel beyond what they thought possible. I also try not to take it for granted that I can play the piano, run, swim, ride my bike, ski, and travel across the world unhindered. Many others are less fortunate and I would like to help empower them to lead a normal life and participate in activities which I am fortunate to enjoy on a daily basis. My fund-raising target is 20K. I have chosen some of my favourite charities who support a combination of music, sport, children and people with disability,” explained Anthony. You can read the full article from here.

Anthony is truly an inspiration to many other pianists out there. He is putting his skills to good use and sharing it with the rest of the world. If you would like to learn to play the piano and inspire others too, then check out Awesome Piano today!