There are many parents out there who find it somewhat of a challenge whenever they are considering signing their child up for music lessons. Furthermore, it doesn’t really help when there isn’t much practical information or guides available. This leaves most parents in a dilemma as they do not know when they should sign their child up for formal lessons. Here are some of the more asked about questions and answers to aid you in your decision.

First, how can you tell if your child is ready for music lessons? Well, there will always be some children who show a natural interest in wanting to play a certain instrument. It would be best to follow your child’s instinct. In the sense that once they are ready, they will be the ones requesting lessons from you. If there is a clear musical interest then you should consider developing it as soon as you can regardless of your child’s age. You can always choose to adjust the intensity of the lessons according to your child’s age. Usually those aged between 3 to 4 are considered to be on the younger side. If your child shows no interest in music, but you would still like to cultivate it into their learning, try signing them up for piano lessons.

Another frequently asked question is how to motivate and generate enthusiasm in your child’s learning? It is important that you do not force an instrument onto your child if he or she doesn’t want to play. Instead, try to figure out what your child’s natural interest is. It does help if your child’s friends are also into music or if your child realises they he/she will be joining a community of music students.

So how exactly can you as a parent encourage them to practice? A simple solution would be to make it fun. If there is a certain song that they wish to learn, do encourage them to go ahead. Aside from that, try to provide access to some sort of music or musical style that your child is able to relate to. This will assist in sustaining their interest and lead to more practice time. Something parents should also be aware of is that repetition is more crucial as compared to long, but infrequent practice sessions. For more helpful guidelines, you can read them here.

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