Pat McGannon is a 48-year-old pianist who have been playing the piano pretty much his entire life. He first started out at a tender age of four. Back then, he took up classical music lessons until the point when he discovered Led Zeppelin as he advanced into Grade 11.

“That basically ruined my classical music career. “When I discovered rock music, I wanted to play those songs, and decided I wanted to be in a band and play with other people,” he recalled. Since his discovery, playing music alongside others has become a part of his life. Over the years, he has performed in a variety of genres, ranging from pop and rock ’n’ roll bands, to big band orchestra, punk rock and even swing. Currently, he is the keyboardist for Dino Martinis and the band performs a variety of music, ranging from Lady Gaga to Depeche Mode, party tunes, ’80s retro and Top 40 hits.

In fact, Pat was also the founding member of the Calgary-based band, which was formed in 1994. Till date, they have released a total of three albums, earned three winning awards for their music videos and performed in approximately 1000 shows. Not to mention, they have also been touring across Canada, the U.S., Europe and Japan. Aside from being in a band, Pat also performs in a duelling piano show in Calgary as well as private events. “Myself and one other pianist are on deck at the same time, playing together. Anything you want to hear on the piano, you write it down, and we play it and sing it,” he added. Till today, he still gets thrilled every single time he is playing and he doubts that he will ever stop playing.”

If you think he is already busy enough, Pat still runs his own music and entertainment company in Calgary. His company provides live music, DJs, and “any type of entertainment for any type of event you can think of, from corporate functions to private events, weddings and sales conventions.” He found and established the company about 13 years ago. Today, his business is still alive due to his efforts and hard work. “You have to work very, very hard and really hustle. You can never take anything for granted,” he explained. To learn more about Pat’s story, check it out here.

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