When David’s Drive received a piano from the Manucchi family of West Chester, they decided that they would donate it to the Coatesville Area School District. This small act of kindness encouraged the school administrators to place the piano in the 11/12 Building for the use by the Meistersingers. According to school officials, the high school Meistersingers were excited when they heard about the generous donation.

David’s Drive is a nonprofit organization that is committed to improving the quality of life for hospitalized veterans in Veterans Administration medical centers. Organisers assist in the collection of clothing and household items for veterans staying at the Coatesville Veterans Affair Medical Center. In fact, David’s Drive 831 honors the memory of David Turner Jr., who had a strong desire to assist veterans at the Coatesville VA. In 2009, David Turner Jr. a 2007 Coatesville graduate, passed away. However, his legacy is still being carried on by his parents, David Turner Sr. and Joy Turner, as well as his sister, Samantha Turner, till this very day. Both his father and sister shared a strong passion for music. During the time Samantha was attending high school, she was also a 2007-09 Meistersingers member.

When the piano was being delivered, high school seniors Kelsey Brinton and Jocelyn Brown met with the Turner family. Kelsey is the current Meistersingers’ co-president and Jocelyn is the 2012-13 Meistersingers’ honor soloist. David is hoping that the donation efforts helps to raise awareness of David’s Drive 831 and at the same time, motivate the students to help others.

David’s Drive 831 first came about when David worked at the Coatesville VA. After he realised that a number of veterans lacked underwear and socks, he gathered donations for the veterans to ensure that they have such basic necessities.  “I serve those who served for us,” he described his job at the VA. It was because of David’s passion in serving others that his family carried on his tradition and efforts even after his death. They began collecting clothing for both male and female veterans. They will then deliver these items annually to the veterans of the Coatesville VA. Since David’s Drive 831 first started out in June 2010, it has donated $80,000 worth of underwear, socks and T-shirts to hospitalized veterans. For more of the story, you can check it out here.

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