Many of us are familiar with the “fondue” dessert. It is in fact a Swiss,French and Italian dish made of melted cheese. Perhaps, the more popular one nowadays is the chocolate fondue, where which pieces of fruit are dipped into a melted chocolate mixture. So how does piano fondue relate to this or what exactly it is?

Well, Piano Fondue is a wildly entertaining rock-n-roll dueling pianos show in which small pieces of songs are mixed together into hot medleys and crowds of people gather to partake in its sweet goodness. Two of Muskego High School’s business clubs, the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and the Distributive Education Club of America (DECA), are sponsoring a unique comedic piano ‘concert’ dubbed “Piano Fondue” in the hopes of entertaining and raising money.

The concert is centered around two ‘dueling pianos’, which will be played by Taras Nahirniak and Adam Nelson, along with some comedy involved. The performance will include pieces from Lady Gaga all the way to Frank Sinatra. While the guests are being entertained, they can also help themselves to the appetizers in an extremely family-friendly setting. From some of the previous performances by them, it shows that singing along is strongly encouraged. You can check out some of Piano Fondue’s performance in their collection of videos on YouTube.

In fact, the concept of the event is more than a mere musical performance. It incorporates the versatility of a DJ, the quick wit of a stand-up comedy act and the entertainment value of a show band. Furthermore, this all in one extravaganza is one that interacts with the audience. In other words, one can expect more than simply leaning back and enjoying two guys playing a piano. FBLA and DECA are looking forward to raise as much money as they can for local charities. For more information, you can read about them here.

For those of you who have never seen a dueling piano performance, you should try catching it one day! It is definitely not an easy thing to pull off. Firstly, one has to be skillful in playing the piano. Secondly, one has to be able to coordinate with his/her partner in order to pull off a great show. This can be quite a challenging task to do and it requires ample practice before both can ace their act. If you are looking for piano lessons in Singapore, be sure to check out Awesome Piano. We offer private piano lessons at the comfort of your home.