Just a couple of days ago, we wrote a post about Ben Treuhaft being kicked out of his house by his wife and eventually ended up living on the beach in his tent along with his piano. Unfortunately for the 66-year-old, his time on the beach will soon come to an end as the pensioner is currently facing eviction from the council. He has, however, promised to leave his piano on the beach as a memento for his stay.

According to the Edinburgh City Council bosses, his current living conditions are in breach of rules. They have offered him assistance to relocate though. “I will not move the piano off that beautiful spot. It’s pi-anarchy – placing pianos in places that people don’t expect them to be. This is a public piano and it is in the public interest that it stays there. The tent needs to stay as well, because the piano would be history without it. It’s all one unit. The council can move me off any time but the operative phrase they used was ‘long-term’. I don’t mind if they try to help me relocate – just as long as it’s close to the tent,” explained Ben who mentioned that he would consider to move, but insisted that the piano as well as the tent remain where they are.

The council bosses stated that they would approach the situation gently and speak with Ben to try and help him leave his beach home. They added that he was in breach of the authority’s park management rules. However, Ben is still determined to try and find a loophole. “I will do whatever they want, but I’m not moving the tent. It’s a good thing for Portobello, because people can use it as a shelter and play music. I did it to surprise them in the first place. I’m trying to get the community to support me so we can keep playing the piano,” he added.

“We are liaising very closely with Police Scotland in relation to Mr Treuhaft’s personal safety, but it is clear that his campsite is in breach of the Council’s Parks Management Rules, which prohibit camping on Portobello beach. As such in the long-term we will need to take the necessary action to help him relocate,” said a council spokeswoman. For more of the story, do read it here.

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