Well, we all know what a hair salon is, it is basically a place you go to for a hair cut and so forth. However, what exactly is a piano salon then? Besides being a place where one can go to purchase a piano, customers are also given the opportunity to touch and feel the instrument. That is the difference that this piano salon in the city of Chennai, India offers to its customers.

Approximately a hundred and seventy years ago, Musee Musical started up in Madras where a Portuguese tuner, Misquith & Co started importing pianos to India. Hence, it only seems to be fitting that after a couple of decades later, this body of musical heritage launched an exquisite piano salon along with Yamaha Music India in the city. This 1200 square feet area designed with classy contemporary interiors had music director Harris Jayaraj pretty impressed when he took a tour of the place on Monday afternoon. “It’s good to inaugurate a piano salon in a city where only hair salons are popular,” he joked.

At the centre of the place holds a sleek grand piano, which is priced at a steep Rs 22.28 lakh. Aside from this expensive priced piece, there are also other acoustic and digital varieties available. “We’ve been wanting to start up an exclusive space for four to five years now, and here we are finally. What is different about this salon is that it is not just a place for piano purchases, but we give customers a chance to touch and feel the instrument, understand how it was made and then make a decision,” stated Kishore Das, CEO of Musee Musical.

Piano exponents Anil Srinivasan and Madhav Chari were also present during the launch and both helped to set the mood with a tune or two. “We all know why the piano is called the ‘Queen of All Instruments’. With 88 keys, that’s more musical combinations than you can do with any other instrument,” reasoned Anil. For more of the story, do check it out here.

In Singapore, there currently isn’t really a piano salon around. However, there are many piano shops that do allow customers to play a tune or two to test out the piano. At Awesome Piano, we go a step further than that. We allow our customers to rent a piano. This truly allows them to test it out at least for a month. If they decide to keep it, all they have to do is to top up the additional amount. Aside from piano rental, we also provide piano lessons.