When Pianist Rich Ridenour was a fifth-grader back then, he found the inspiration to pursue music. While playing Henry Mancini’s “Baby Elephant Walk” in his school’s talent show, many of his school mates were in awe of him, especially the fifth-grade girls. Since then, he has continue to pursue music and created his own program, entitled “I Love A Piano”.

“I just remember being petrified because none of the guys, my friends, knew I was playing piano. My teacher told me, you can do this, and she was right – I started a whole new thing. Once my friends saw me play, everyone wanted to play. Girls started talking to me, and that’s what did it. I knew I could get used to this,” Rich recalled. Rich mentioned that he would like to excite others to play the piano even as adults. At the same time, he also wishes to encourage the youths to learn the piano. “I Love A Piano” is a combination of the music of Rachmaninoff, Gershwin and Elton John all under one amphitheater roof. It also includes some pianists’ favorites like Henry Mancini’s “Pink Panther” as well as Vince Guaraldi’s “Linus and Lucy” from the “Peanuts” cartoons.

“It’s all great music. It’s hard to find that kind of variety in today’s world. I just bought this Sirius radio and I can’t find a station that gives me a little bit of everything. Everything is segregated on the radio and on TV, and most people like it all, but it’s hard to find it all in one package,” he explained. Rich went on to state that it will be his first time performing with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic in the “I Love A Piano” second summer series concert and he is looking forward to it.

“I’m trying to construct the program around people who have never had piano lessons. The piano was once the entertainment center for a family. I want people to have a renewed interest in the piano. Times are changing, and people are moving to digital keyboards, but there’s just nothing that beats a great piano when you can feel the strings vibrate,” he said. For more of the story, you can read it here.

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