Over the weekends, Sir Alex Ferguson completed his final game in charge of Manchester United. During his 26-year reign, he accumulated a total of 38 trophies along with 1500 games as manager of the club. So what are his retirement plans now? Well, he mentioned that he would like to to improve on his piano skills.

Not many people are aware of the fact that Sir Alex actually had a passion for the piano and a fondness for Jerry Lee Lewis in the past. Hence, he would like to pick up from where he has left. In fact, he is even looking for a piano tutor to guide him in learning to play the way he has help footballers in his unparalleled career. After hearing his plans, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) in Glasgow has offered lessons to him as a retirement gift.

Professor John Wallace, the principal of the RCS – whose staff include a “premier league” of teachers such as Professor Aaron Shorr; piano Professor Fali Pavri; an international fellow in the leading pianist Steven Osborne and an international fellow in Malcolm Martineau – has written to Sir Alex, offering assistance in one of the musical challenges of during his retired life. “Having announced my retirement on the same day as you, I know the necessity of expediting some of those unfulfilled goals in life. I would like to invite you to take a course of piano lessons at the best piano department in the world, which happens to be situated on Renfrew Street in your native Glasgow,” wrote Professor Wallace to Sir Alex.

Professor Wallace also indicated in his letter that a family member of his also aspired to learn the piano during retirement at around the same age. “With fingers that resembled sausages rather than Horowitz-like slender ‘ET’ appendages, he quickly gave up. So you need the best teaching. Which exists in Scotland. We know the score. End of story. Give me a ring … and we’ll fix up the first lesson.”

Upon announcing his retirement, Sir Alex went on to talk about his future plans. “My French is not so bad, my piano playing is not very good, so I may have to get a tutor if I have the time,” he stated. For the full story, do check it out here.

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