Since Friday morning, anyone who walked down Pottsville’s Market Street in Pennsylvania, United States, had the opportunity to put their piano skills to the test. A street piano situated at Second and Market streets in front of The Famous, is part of a new program being developed by the Pottsville Area Development Corp. (PADCO). This program is named “Skook Toones, Music For Youes.”

“Skook Toones is a new program designed to encourage appreciation of music and the arts by placing community street pianos throughout the downtown area of Pottsville. Today, we dedicate the first piano of this project,” stated Amy S. Burkhart, executive director of PADCO. Aside from the dedicated piano, a special first performance was held, after the program was officially launched. Amy mentioned that the PADCO’s Aesthetics Committee’s objective was to beautify downtown Pottsville by various community improvement programs. This was one of the program. Aside from such programs, the committee has also organized community cleanups.

According to Patrick J. Murphy, chairman of the committee and owner of Murphy Jewelers, the project is a “reflection of a similar piano project found in Lancaster”. Over in Lancaster, the project is entitled “Keys for the City” and run by Music for Everyone. “We thank their coordinator, John Gerdy, for the guidance provided in implementing a street piano program in our own community. The piano was donated by a local organization, painted by volunteer artists, tuned, stored and secured by various local companies all volunteering their time and efforts. Skook Toones is an example of how we can come together to make a project happen,” he explained. He also added that although the piano is covered by an overhang, the committee still expects it be strongly affected by various elements as it is placed outside. Regardless, PADCO still have hopes that the piano will bring about enjoyment for the entire community. Even if it wasn’t placed there, it would have been thrown away.

“It is our hope that for next year, we would identify up to five spaces in which to place pianos. Those areas would ideally have an overhang or awning to protect the pianos from the elements. Further, we will be seeking organizations interested in sponsoring a piano. That money will allow us to move, tune, paint and store these unique works of art.” said Amy. For more of the story, you can check it out here.

In Singapore, we currently do not have such programs going on. Regardless, Awesome Piano would still like to introduce everyone to the piano. We believe that it is a form of art that helps to relieve stress and relaxes your mind. For more information about the piano lessons we have to offer, you can refer to our website.