There are some instruments where you will be better off learning how to tune it yourself. However, when it comes to the piano, it is usually best to leave it to the experts. As of today, there is still no machine that can replace piano tuners or piano technicians. In fact, in order to make a living out of this trade, one has to be certified by The Piano Technicians Guild, an international professional organization.

Most piano tuners are actually individuals who already have a background in music, but not necessarily in piano. Then, there are also some of those who got into the business as they have an interest in how an instrument is constructed, just like Kevin Luke. “I just love wood, all kinds of wood,” he stated. Aside from being a piano tuner, Kevin is also an organist and serves as director of music at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Altoona.

In fact, he first got into the trade after being introduced by Fred Fornwalt, who was already in the trade having followed his father’s footsteps. At that point of time, Kevin had just graduated from high school. He already had an idea that he wanted to do something that was in the music-related field. However, he was still uncertain of exactly what it was he wanted to do. “Most people who pursue music end up teaching, but I don’t really enjoy that,” he said.

Kevin now owns his own piano service company. When he first started out in music, he was only in third grade and his first instrument was the trumpet. After he saw the organ, he realised that it was what he wanted to play eventually. This encouraged him to take up lessons and play in his church during high school. After completing high school, he enrolled at the North Bennett Street School, a professional craft and trade school in Boston. He spent a total of two years to learn more about piano tuning and repair before venturing out on his own. For more of the story, you can check it out here.

Keeping your piano in tune is important and shouldn’t be neglected. In fact, one should always get their piano tuned at least once a year. This is to ensure that the pitch and tone are constant. Awesome Piano provides piano lessons in Singapore for both children as well as adults. Feel free to check out our website for more details on piano lessons rates and so on.