This piano could very well be the narrowest in the entire world, but although anyone can be capable of playing it, they won’t have the chance to play either a waltz or a sonata. The reason is simply because this piano is so narrow that it can only play up to five keys. It consists of only three white keys, two black keys and a pedal. Hence, just coming up with a tune alone on this would already be a struggle for composers.

Aside from having only five keys to work with, there is another major problem. The piano no longer have strings and it’s not making a sound at all. This piano stands at 3 ft 9 in and less than a foot wide. Therefore, even if it was working, one would be required to remain standing while playing it. However, since it is no longer functioning, it makes a good sculpture instead.

In fact, this miniature grand was created by sculptor Bjorn Perborg. After he retrieved the full-size piano that was being thrown away, he chopped it into three separate sections and threw the middle one away. After which, he stick the two other parts together. In order for the separation to be made, the strings had to be taken out. This is why one can still tickle the ivories, but no sound would be produced.

Eventually, the sculpture was displayed at an exhibition and sold to a museum for £2,400. “I made this piece for a gallery show. I showed an installation about the Collyer brothers, two hoarders who lived like hermits in Manhattan during the first half of the 20th century. One of the brothers used to be a concert pianist and I thought a crippled piano could go well with their story. There were people giving away pianos for free, so I took one and cut it into three pieces, threw away the middle section and reassembled the other two parts. The lid and the music stand had to be cut separately as well. I didn’t have the proper tools to cut the heavy casted metal frame that holds the strings inside the piano, the harp, so I decided not to use it. It is not a functioning piano and I consider it to be a sculpture,” explained Mr Perborg, the full-time sculptor from Paris, France. For images and more, check it out here.

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