When a teacher guides a student during a piano class, they tend to make sure that they do so step by step in a certain order and progression. In other words, the student will be able to pick up new skills gradually as they progress. A piano teacher will also put their trust in students to practice on their own. However, not all students actually follow as per instructed. Instead, many have this mindset of wanting to take a shortcut by practicing randomly.

This approach that students take is simply due to laziness. The truth is that such an approach requires less time and effort to play. At the same time, it also allows one to not think as much while playing. As all of us should know, there are no shortcuts to life and the same goes for being a musician. Eventually, if you aim to play any piece from start to end with a good flow and from your memory, you would not be able to achieve that with such a method. Here are some examples of lazy practicing.

Firstly, instead of referring to the written notes, a student tries to guess the note by randomly hitting notes to get the most accurate one. Most of the time, it still sounds wrong. Secondly, having the impression that learning to play with both hands from the start would save time. Thirdly, not paying attention to the smaller portions of the piece. Fourthly, being reluctant to practice more on the difficult sections, especially after they managed to get it right over multiple attempts. Lastly, practicing without rhythm, sitting with an incorrect posture and playing with straight fingers. All of these only makes music difficult to follow.

Here are some tips that a student should follow if they wish to have a more fulfilling practice session. Firstly, set aside a time for practice daily in order to make a commitment. Next, sit straight to prevent developing a sore back or painful fingers, arms and hands, which could hinder your practice. Thirdly, start with a short warm-up including playing scales and arpeggios. Fourth of all, follow the step-by-step guide as instructed. Jumping levels would only make you become confused and miss notes. Lastly, remember to learn the theory too as this will help you to understand how music comes together. For more information, read here.

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