Over the years, Aaron Carpenter has been sitting down at a number of pianos to accompany his choirs, entertaining nonprofit groups and schools. However, there are numerous times when he discovers them being out of tune. This made him rather disappointed, so he decided to make a difference to change things. Over a period of time, he has raised funds to purchase tuning equipment in order for him to make sure that these pianos remain in tune.

“In my line of work, with these music organizations, I find myself and my groups performing in nursing homes and senior living communities. Time and time again, we arrive to pianos that haven’t been tuned for a few years, if ever. I visit schools with the boys’ choir and find instruments completely out of tune,” said Aaron, who also serves a church and a community orchestra. According to the music teachers there, tuning the piano wasn’t a priority due to the budget that was being allocated to them. “This is a shame. Students and seniors should be able to enjoy music on a tuned instrument,” stated Aaron.

Aaron aimed to raise approximately $1,200 for the piano tuning software as well as a tablet, which would be used along with the software. This will assist in providing mobility. Through his efforts, he managed to raise $1,275 over the weekend by using the Internet. The website, “GoFundMe”, was key to his fund raising. It was a great platform designed for both personal or organisational fundraising projects through social networking and emailing.

Aaron has plans to make his services available to organisations such as nursing homes, senior living communities, arts organisations, schools and possibly others as well. “I’m am not a professional (tuner), so this will be a learned process. I’m not going to tune any concert pianos,” he added as he continues to seek advice from other professional tuners he uses himself. According to Aaron, tuning a piano can easily cost between $100 to $250. For more of the story, you can refer to here.

It is essential to make sure that your piano is in tune, especially during the learning phase. It defeats the purpose if you are practicing or listening to a piano that is out of tune. Hence, we would recommend you to get your piano tuned twice every year. At Awesome Piano, we provide piano lessons in Singapore. Currently, we do not offer piano tuning services, but we might have plans for it in future.