There are individuals out there who still value pianos, even though they are not necessarily the easiest instruments to either sell or give away when owners no longer have use for them. For Sharon Mathis and her husband, they first purchased their piano back in November 1986. Throughout the years, it was rarely used due to procrastination as well as the lack of interest. Eventually, it became a white elephant in their house.

Recently, Sharon has been contacting quite a number of organisations to check if they require a piano. However, her efforts were to no avail. On Wednesday, the News-Herald Newspapers published the story about her piano and how she was unable to find a new home for its relocation. After publishing it on the newspaper, she was prompted by numerous phone calls from groups jumping at the chance to take it off her hands. “Evidently people wanted it. I just wasn’t reaching the right group and (The News-Herald) did,” she stated.

During that same morning, Sharon received a call from Dorcas McCreary, who works in the mayor’s office in Allen Park. “Growing up, my parents were very musically inclined. We took lessons,” explained Dorcas. After her father passed away, her mother decided to head on a mission to establish a nonprofit group that would aid individuals of different age groups in a variety of ways. Mac-7, founded in 2008, assists in teaching adults parenting skills, tutoring students after school, offering inter-generational programs to bring together children as well as seniors and offering music lessons.

Even though Sharon received approximately a dozen calls from individuals as well as organisations who were keen in taking up her piano, she ultimately went with Dorcas for two main reasons. The first reason was that she was the first to call. The second reason was that the program will be able to put the piano to very good use. “She couldn’t have been more pleased or happier. It sounds like it’s going to a good place,” said Sharon about the mood of Dorcas when she laid eyes upon the piano. For more about the story, you can read it from here.

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